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A Comprehensive Eye Exam includes evaluation of not just the external structures of the eye but also the retina and optic nerve head. The retina can reveal clues to diagnose diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and stroke. The optic nerve may show signs of brain tumors, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma. At Lebow Eye Associates we can photograph the retina to document signs of disease and determine subtle changes.



The Heidelberg Retina Tomagraph (HRT3) uses a scanning laser to create a 3D topography of the optic nerve. It then compares this very exact image to a database of images with normal eyes and with statistacal analysis determines the likelyhood of glaucoma. It also can determine if there are any changes over time of the optic nerve which would indicate glaucoma.

The HRT3 also has a Macular Edema module that can determine leakage in the retina from diabetes and other macular diseases.



To aid us in diagnosing both glaucoma and neurological disorders, we use an Automated Perimeter to measure the Visual Field. This instrument measures peripheral vision and can find early signs of disease.


corneal topgrapher

Our Corneal Topographer creates a Computerized Map of the shape of the cornea. Similar to mapping the elevation of a mountain, the Topographer displays the steep and flat regions of the Cornea. This helps in diagnosing keratoconus and the design of Specialty Contact Lenses. On the left you can see a red "bowtie" which shows a very steep area whereas the blue areas are flatter. This patient has a lot of astigmatism.



Corneal Pachymetry measures the thickness of the cornea. Recent studies have determined that there is a relationship between glaucoma and corneal thickness. When a patient in our office is a glaucoma suspect we use our pachymeter to help clarify the diagnosis.

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